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ASP is a powerful server side scripting language that you can use at no additional charge. ASP was originally developed at Microsoft for use with their freeware IIS web server package, but it is also supported by WebSite Pro 2.x, . ASP is a powerful tool for creating dynamic content, and for connecting to ODBC databases. Documents that have the .asp extension will be processed as an ASP document. ASP can connect to databases, dynamically format  pages, execute complex logic statements, and much more. LookIndia supports the use of VBScript, JavaScript, and Prescripts within Active Server Pages, with VBScript set as the default scripting language. LookIndia does not and will not help debug ASP scripts. If you cannot get your ASP scripts to work properly, consult the Microsoft website or one of the readily available books about ASP.

Online ASP Help:

The ASP Toolbox
The ASP Developer's Site
ASP Developer's Site
The Active Server Pages FAQ




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