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Every webmaster has heard about CGI. CGI lets you run a program on the server. Comment forms, message boards, and web counters are some of the common uses for CGI.
Every  account is enabled to execute CGI Scripts at no extra cost. That means you can start building a dynamic web site right away.


LookIndia has built in support for Active state Perl, Visual Basic 4, and Visual Basic 5 scripts. Our clients can integrate CGI scripts into almost any web page they design.

If you do not already know how to program Perl or Visual Basic, there are a lot of examples already on the Internet to help you get started. If you already program with Perl or Visual Basic, LookIndia 's private CGI-BINs will make you feel right at home.

Link to CGI Resources

Using Unix Scripts

Most Unix Perl scripts will work at LookIndia . There are a few minor differences, though.




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