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LookIndia assumes everyone will want to host a full domain or a vanity domain. Therefore, LookIndia does not charge extra for a virtual domain hosting.

With a full domain, such as  http://www.yourname.com/, your site will be distinctly indentifiable from the rest. By owning your own domain, you are positioning yourself among in the elite group of organisations and professionals, and serves as a gateway/bridge for  your potential clients to reach you.

Domain Registration Charges

Our domains are registered with Networksolutions Inc., USA. Today we have more than 100 Accredited Domain Name Registrars with whom you can register Top Level Domain Names (TLD) . Each of the Registrars have ther own pricing and packaging for Domain name registrations. Clients can choose Registrars of thier choice.  Domain Names cost starts from US $ 8 to US $ 35 per Year depending on criteria of different registrars.  If you are on a budget, you can request a vanity domain name such as http://www.yourname.lookIndia.com. Vanity domains are not subject to any  fees, since they are subdomains of the LookIndia domain. If you are on a budget , it is recommended that you use a vanity domain name. Contact LookIndia at webmaster@lookindia.com if you are interested in getting a vanity domain.

Register a Domain

You can register  domain after checking the availability. The Domain Registrars will guide you through during the registration. After registering be sure to use the DNS Server information located at the bottom of this page. 

After the domain name is registered please contact LookIndia to host your domain with details. 

NOTE:- Domain Registrars  will need to know which DNS Servers will handle the requests for your site. If you plan to host your site with LookIndia , use the following server

Primary DNS Name



Primary DNS Server Address


Secondary DNS Server Name 



Secondary DNS Server Address




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