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FrontPage extensions are supported at LookIndia . The FrontPage extensions, while helpful for new web designers, place an unacceptable amount of load on the server. The FrontPage extensions slow down servers considerably if anyone is using the extensions. Even updating a webpage using the FrontPage extensions can bog down web servers considerably. While such a slowdown would be almost acceptable for personal pages, this type of slowdown is completely unacceptable for business sites. Since LookIndia hosts several thousands of small and medium sized business sites currently, the slowdown caused by FrontPage extensions would be completely unacceptable. By not allowing the extensions at all, the LookIndia servers do not get bogged down. So if Front Page extensions is abused by the clients, LookIndia has the rights to deny this particular facilities.

FrontPage and FTP

LookIndia does support FrontPage extensions, you can use FrontPage to design the web site and upload the same.




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