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IP - Less Domains

LookIndia supports IP-Less domains. By enabling you to host domains without IP the cost of hosting is reduced considerably. LookIndia supports both virtual domain eg: www.yourdomain.com and vanity domain eg: www.somename.yourdomain.com or www.somename.lookindia.com without a dedicated IP. All IP-Less domains work similar to IP-Bound domains in all aspects, except for secured transaction.

Define IP - Less

IP-LESS domains point to the same IP Address as your root domain points to. By using an advanced web server that can understand IP-LESS multihoming, multiple domains can share an IP Address. This is important, since IP Addresses cost money. The web server can understand requests from newer browser and respond by sending the appropriate site based on the HOST tag instead of the IP Address. Older servers and browsers based everything on the IP Addresses, which meant that each site needed to have its own IP Address. This new technology can save you alot of money!

Why can't EMAIL be IP - Less

Yes, now E-mail domain can be IP-Less with E-mail Software Mailmax by Smartmax Inc, it is virtually possible to host Email domains with a single IP-address.
For example: info@yourdomain.com, info@ yourclientdomain.com.

Adding Email Domains

To add IP-LESS domains to your account, just use our Web Contol Panel.



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