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Send Email directly from your web page via your web server. Jmail will not start up any annoying email clients, just smoothly send the mail via the mailserver. Implement it with easy ASP code.

Sample Code

Set JMail = Server.CreateObject("JMail.SMTPMail") 

' This is my local SMTP server
JMail.ServerAddress = "mail.<your domain here>"

' This is me.... 
JMail.Sender = "j@dimac.net"
JMail.Subject = "Here you go..."

' Get the recipients mailbox from a form.
JMail.AddRecipient Request.Form("email")

' The body property is bodth read and write.
' If you want to append text to the body you can
' use JMail.Body = JMail.Body & "Hello world!"
' or you can use JMail.AppendText "Hello World!"
' which in many cases is easier to use.
JMail.Body = "Here you go. Your request has been approved"
_"and the program is attached to this message"

' 1 - highest priority (Urgent)
' 3 - normal
' 5 - lowest

JMail.Priority = 1

JMail.AddHeader "Originating-IP",

' Must make sure that IUSR_???? has access to the following files.
JMail.AppendBodyFromFile "e:\mail\standard_footer.txt"
JMail.AddAttachment "e:\products\MyProduct.exe"

' Send it...

Click here to download the source code in zip file 




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