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Several clients have voiced interest in having an easy to use message board script. Our Technical Team has just wrote a very simple message board script that is very easy to install on your LookIndia WebHosting account. This script is freeware and completely unsupported, but we think it might be valuable for some sites.

Installation Instructions

  • Download the zip file
  • Unzip the file into a temp directory on your machine 
  • Use FTP to upload the files to your CGI-BIN directory 
    The files must be placed in the CGI-BIN directory in order to work 
  • Goto  http://www.yoursite.com /cgi-bin/webboardfast.exe 
  • Post a few messages 
  • Go to  http://www.yoursite.com /cgi-bin/webboardfastEditor.exe 
  • Edit the title, Header HTML, and Footer HTML 
  • Put check marks by the posts that you want to delete 
  • Enjoy 

Free Downloads

You can download the message board script for free by clicking here 

Feel free to use this script as often as you like. 




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