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SSL is a method of transferring data between the web browser and the web server is an extremely secure fashion. SSL makes e-commerce much safer for the buyer. While most hosts are still only using 40 bit encryption, LookIndia supports both 40 bit and 128 bit encryption.

IP - Less and SSL

To use SSL with a domain hosted at LookIndia , you will need to make sure the domain is bound to its own unique IP address. IP-LESS multihoming does not currently support using SSL certificates, so you will need to buy an IP from us for each Domain that plans to use SSL for its e-commerce solution. To view the cost Click here.


How to Setup?

To set up an SSL certificate, you will need to tell us which domain needs an SSL certificate. We handle the actual SSL setup process, but the SSL certificates are purchased through either Thawte or Verisign. Thawte certificates cost $125 per two years, while Verisign certificates cost $349 per two years. You are responsible for paying the certificate fee to the certitificate vendor. LookIndia charges $250 to set up a certificate, since setup can get quite tedious.

Once the SSL certificate is set up, the domain will respond to both http://www.domain.com/ and https://www.domain.com/.




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