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Log Files

Log files give an accurate picture of who is coming to your site, contents  viewed at your site, and their specific IP Address. Each domain is given its own log file. LookIndia uses Webalizer to generate Log files for each domain. Even sub domains have this facility and clients can create the logs any time with the help or our powerful Web Control Panel. Webalizer gives a .html output and needs no log reader. The output gives entire data of the logs and the hits generated and also details of data transfer.

Bandwidth Meter

You can view the Bandwidth used by clients, which is generated every month by our server administrator. This information is used for billing purposes and you can assess the hit rate of the sites and the nature of their usage. The Bandwidth meter gives report of FTP transfer and http:// transfer separately and the aggregate total as well.

The data is kept dormant for 12 months for viewing purposes by clients. This can be seen by clicking the link BANDWIDTH METER in our Web Control Panel.



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