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Web counters let you keep track of visits to your site. You can use graphical counters or text counters. Graphical counters are still used on many sites. However, text counters have become much more popular, since they blend into the page more neatly than graphical counters. 

LookIndia allows you to choose the version you want to use. You can download a graphical version from many popular scripting sites, such as Ryan Terry Sammartino's freeware CGI page. We think most of Ryan's scripts should work on the LookIndia web server. In fact, most standard CGI web counter scripts should work with your private CGI-BIN. 

Text Counter

There are many Text Counters available freely on the web and our clients can use them with out paying any extra fee. This feature gives your website a good look and also lets your visitors know the traffic your site generates.





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