Services Enterprise Content Management


Enterprise Content Management & Archiving Solution

  • Bring Visibility to the top management on high level, detailed processes in business.
  • Automate Business Processes and ensure better tracking.
  • Dynamically change the processes based on market agility.
  • Effectively manage high transaction information flows in the organization.
  • Manage documents with Version control and security.
  • Integrate various applications and create a robust process for improved business practices.
  • Digitize records and manage electronically.
  • Easy retrieval of documents for Business Users.
  • Secure documents with access control.
  • Enables paperless office including fax routing.

Asset Management Solution

Asset management solution helps to track the physical assets of the organization with tagging and managing the details of the assets like Locations, Owner, Supplier, Service History, Movement History, Expiry, Financial Impacts, Annual Maintenance and alerts pertaining to the assets.

Customer Relationship Management

Our CRM defines the full life cycle of the Sales Force from lead generation to the closure which includes client database management.